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OMG it's about time! - starstarstarstarstar

by Apple_of_my_Eye

Thank you to the creators of this app. I can't believe someone finally made a sex app that's actually good.

I'm only on the second day but I've listened to it twice already. It's fun, easy to follow the instructions and it's even funny. I've always wanted to do one of those one week couple's retreats thing but they are always so expensive. Now I feel like I have my own 30 day retreat right here on my iPhone!

I'll post more when I get further along but so far I love it. Tomorrow is called "Sensual Shower" and I can't wait to see what Maryline is up to.

Now I have to get my husband to buy it…

Great App - starstarstarstarstar

by ladedagr

I want to let people know that might be considering this app that it's really great. At first I thought it was a bit pricy, but then realized that I would pay a lot more if I bought tapes or even went to a therapist. Maryline tasks you with a 30 day "course" - and gives you daily talks about focusing on different aspects of sex. I'm enjoying the "lessons" - and am definitely getting my groove back (or at least I think that's where I am going - I'm only at day 8 so far).

Comment améliorer votre vie sexuelle en 30 leçons quotidiennes ? Téléchargez cette application ! - starstarstarstarstar

by GenTal

Une dizaine de jours après avoir acheté cette application, je ne pouvais attendre plus longtemps avant de commenter ce programme d'éducation sexuelle. Je dois dire que je suis réellement impressionnée par le professionnalisme et le sérieux du contenu des capsules quotidiennes. Les thèmes abordés sont variés et d'une efficacité, tous plus déconcertante les uns que les autres. Que ce soit l'importance du baiser, l'intensité de notre présence dans notre corps ou la façon de faire durer le plaisir, nous avons toujours l'intense désir d'entendre Maryline jusqu'à la toute fin, même qu'on en redemanderait encore. C'est à croire que notre plaisir s'accroît de jour en jour… exactement comme le sexe. Je vous jure que c'est un réel cadeau de retrouver cette douce voix à chaque jour, et surtout de faire les exercices proposés. Suggestion : rien de tel que suivre le programme en même temps que notre conjoint, chacun de notre iphone. En soirée, la discussion s'enclenche pour ensuite se transformer en action. Essayez-le, ça vaut la peine.

Finally! - starstarstarstarstar

by TheRobertoEscobar

This app is truly amazing! At first I didn't know how I felt about paying $20 dollars for an "sex" app but after 3 days, I could not be any more happier. Maryline's tip have helped both my partner and I in MANY ways! I have recommended this to all my friends!

Tasteful and informative - starstarstarstarstar

by longstreet86

I was pretty surprised when I saw a sex app up in the iTunes store with all of the recent censoring that's been going on. This app however is very tastefully done. While it talks about sex, it focuses more on awareness, sensuality, and communication(with both yourself and your partner). Something else I had a hard time moving past was the price. $20 seems super steep for an app but I'm only four days into the app and it's already been worth the price! I would highly recommend this even if you think your sex life is already amazing.

Nobody likes to admit they need a sex app but...... - starstarstarstarstar

by eames1948

I have to say I'm only a few days in, and am pretty closeted at this point about my use of the app, but I admit that I've actually been getting a lot out of the lessons. I like that you can only do one lesson a day as it really does help you to slow down and think about what you're doing and why. So much of people's sex lives are focused solely on the moments in which you're actually having sex. Maryline really shows you how to explore and raise awareness about your sex life in different ways and during different times of the day, making the actual act so much more powerful when it happens. Thank you Maryline.


Professional, well informed, and empowering! - starstarstarstarstar

by PlayingDoctr

So I wanted to wait until day 2 to leave my comments on this as its a day by day process. (I will say, I'm looking forward to day three!).

I cant think of anyone who DIDNT need this app - Maryline really awakens you to new happy and healthy ways to look at that most basic of needs.. sex! (Does apple let me say sex? Hmm... I guess when the app is called Happy Sex they will).

Is it worth $20? I think the better question is... is your sex life worth $20? Trust me... it is.

OK, this is the real thing. - starstarstarstarstar

by Spirit_of_the_Mammoth

Well done. It's nice. It works well. I am on Day 2. And for the first time with my iPhone I have the feeling I am in the middle of a real COACHING session.

Maryline is energetic and intelligent. She knows where she is going... and I believe I am going right there with her.

I was a little apprehensive about having a girl lecturing me (again) on sex. She is not. This is for guys as much as for girls. My girlfriend overheard a few sentences and now she wants to do it too. It's funny because in the assignments I did, I found myself with no answer to Maryline's questions. I really had to think and dig and that is pretty much what happen in coaching session.

In the forum, she responds to a question from Jennifer. It is amazing how she addresses, in a subtle way, what seems to me like her deeper preoccupations. I look forward to listen to the forum again. It feels like good quality talk radio. That's fun. I am sure she will get plenty of questions to answer soon... and maybe a few from me and my girlfriend.

Overall, it feels professional and intimate at the same time. It's good to take a moment and actually talk about sex. She does it with a lot of depth and humor. I laugh my head off in the middle of lesson 2. I would like to see her in a TV interview.

2 thumbs up!!! Unvaluable tool for fun & discovery... - starstarstarstarstar

by justdoitnow123go

I had the JOY & priviledge of listening already to a few days of this 30 days coaching...This deep and intense intimacy coaching will bring you, with certainty, to the next level in your relationship. You can listen, feel and experience that this coaching tool is made by true professionals in their field of expertise! The results are quite surprising once you are ready to give it a try seriously & play in your personal relationship with your loved one. This is all about experiencing little things, in a new way to engage you in a discovery and fun process….I recommend it to everyone even if their relationship is already great...or not, just to bring it a few notches up in knowing yourself and your partner much better on the path to discovery, pleasure and sexual enlightmen. This is the KEY to strenghten your relationship, and seal it with pleasure, improved communication, sensuality, laughter and much more...

I am learning so much! - starstarstarstarstar

by Andromeda5

This app is changing my life. I know that is a pretty big claim but it's a fact. I am on day 11 now and I've noticed little changes here and there on how I feel , how I deal with stuff, how I talk to people, and even how I treat myself. It's pretty crazy, I did not expect that much from an iPhone app. Thanks happy sex.

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29 June, 2010 14:26